Property Claims Promise

In the event of a major claim, AIG will confirm coverage under the policy as quickly as reasonably possible. Once coverage is confirmed, we promise to provide the Policyholder with immediate working funds of 50% of our share of the agreed estimate within 7 days for the following:

• Property damage/repairs

• Clean-up costs

• Extra expense/increased cost of working

The estimate is to be agreed between the Policyholder/broker and the AIG claims handler, based upon reasonably available information. This payment is made on an unallocated basis.

Global Risk Engineering

• Hundreds of AIG Property Risk Engineers worldwide.
• Industry and sector specialists.
• Help clients avoid and minimise losses.
• Insights for clients about their potential vulnerabilities.

Multinational Excellence

• Significant investment in technology and processes to get global policy issuance before inception.
• Tools and tech to give Risk Managers insights across global portfolio.
• See

Timely Multinational Policy Issuance

• Contract certainty
• Local compliance
• Alignment between client’s operations
• Early premium allocations
• Reduced rework, minimise cover gaps

Winning with AIG


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Winning with AIG


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Winning with AIG


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