Financial Institutions


Financial Institutions Expertise

• Vast Financial Institutionsunderwriting expertise.
• Dedicated experts in sub-sectors (eg Tier 1 banks, insurance companies, SMEs).
• Great support for our brokers eg. in client meetings.

Dedicated Client Engagement

• A dedicated account handler. 
• Coordinates products and services across disciplines and geographies.
• Enabling the development of a consistent proposal for Financial Institutions, across all AIG services.


• Our multinational capabilities a major asset in Financial Institutions market.
• Allows us to provide solutions for global institutions’ complex requirements.
• E.g. cross class multinational programmes, global claims services, captive fronting arrangements.


• Multiple local Financial Institutions claims experts
• Supported by global network of claims experts to service clients in their local jurisdictions.

Winning with AIG


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Winning with AIG


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Winning with AIG


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