In-house environmental consultant

AIG Belgium has an in-house Senior Claims Consultant. This consultant reviews and manages documents related to environmental technology and translates them into non-technical language for the claims manager. The consultant works with the client to find an adequate solution taking into account the client’s needs and requirements. Along with this internal specialisation, we are able to draw on a regular panel of local and international environmental experts.

Crisis management

Optional coverage: professional PR consultancy services. These are essential in helping to protect a client’s reputation in the event of a crisis which could cause a negative financial impact.

Experienced team

A specialised, dedicated team with expertise in multinationals, construction, real property, energy and more. Our team has the advantage of being able to draw on an international AIG network of more than 30 subscribers in 20 countries.

Dedicated claims team

Our clients and brokers are supported by a dedicated team for environmental claims. They are specialised in their respective domains and can process all types of claims, from the smallest to the most complex and significant risks.

Multinational competencies

Our team has decades of experience in providing global environmental programmes through our world-wide network. The multinational domain presents exceptional growth opportunities for clients.

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