Professional Indemnity Toolkit

Each day professionals need to make decisions and some of these may be questioned, perhaps as much as years afterward.  A wrong calculation or advice can quickly lead to financial damage. Professional Liability allows the insured to do his job without always looking over their shoulder.

Best Fit & Minimum Premium

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Best Fit 

Intellectual service providers. For example: IT companies, management consultants
or project managers. In addition to the professions mentioned above, Professional Indemnity offers insurance options for other professional groups as well.

Minimum Premium

General premium starts from €1000.

AIG Online

Best Fit 

ICT Consulting
Marketing Consultancy
Risk management consulting
Strategic management, business development, change management
Training and development consultants
Advertising agency / telemarketer
Communications & PR Consulting
Financial consulting (no auditors)
Legal advice (no lawyers)
Human resources / recruitment agency
Professional associations

Minimum Premium

Via AIG Online: €450 (coverage €150,000) or €550 (coverage €250,000).

No Appetite For

Medical/Paramedic professions, Architects & surveyors; Interior Designers, Stability Engineers, Structural engineers, Construction promoters, Real estate agents, Manufacturing risks, Organization physical activities / event planners, Bookkeeper, accountant, auditors, Lawyers, notaries, Intermediary, Offshore, Aviation, Traders, Project Policies

  • No construction related occupations
  • No occupations with a real risk of physical harm to third parties
  • Professional liability should be the primary safeguard

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