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Supporting families and organisations around the world

By providing both insurance and risk consultancy services we help our clients to be safe and secure, and to deal confidently with the challenges that the modern world presents. Recognising that threats to businesses and people come in many forms, our insurance is designed to provide both a broad level of coverage and crisis management support. When the unexpected happens, we help you manage and recover.

More than Kidnap & Ransom insurance

We cover the costs arising from a broad range of threats that may impact your people, business, brand or reputation – more than simply kidnap and ransom insurance. Acting as an umbrella policy, Crisis Solution offers world-wide coverage 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Some types
of crisis are covered automatically as part of our core coverage, others are optional.   

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Travel Security Evacuation


A guide to Security Evacuation Services from AIG Travel

Global Watch Assistance

Access to up-to-date information on: travel destination reports, email alerts & travel health

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