At AIG Belgium, we believe that you deserve to be treated in a courteous, fair and prompt manner. Our goal is to provide an excellent service to all of our customers and clients.

If there is ever an occasion when you feel let down then please let us know immediately as we really value your feedback. AIG takes all customer complaints seriously. In the first instance you can share your concerns with the department you have been dealing with. 

To support us to fully investigate your concerns we will require the following information:

  • Your name and address
  • Details of your concerns, including the type of insurance policy you have, a policy number or any other reference we have provided
  • Copies of correspondence you have received in relation to your concerns
  • Details of how you would like your concerns resolved.

Contact details

Contact AIG Europe S.A. (Belgium Branch)
AIG Europe SA
Pleinlaan 11
1050 Brussels
0032 (0)2 739 9690

Hereunder – for information purpose only – you can find the response times and steps following which your complaint will be handled

Non-binding response times Steps
10 business days after receipt of your complaint Send an acknowledgment of receipt
30 days after receipt of your complaint    Send the response letter. Unless the complaint has not been settled due to its complexity. In this case you should receive an interim letter (see below).

30 days after receipt of your complaint   

Send the interim letter. Only if the response letter could not have been sent within 30 days following receipt of the complaint. The interim letter will explain why a response has not yet been provided and when you expect to have a response.

Ombudsman des Assurances
If AIG does not offer a satisfactory solution and to the extent the complaint relates to an insurance contract subject to Belgian law, you can also file your complaints to the Ombudsman des Assurances:

Tel: 02 547 58 71
Fax: 02 547 59 75
Post: Ombudsman des Assurances, square de Meeus 35, 1000 Brussels

Remark: Filing a complaint does not prejudice your ability to start legal proceedings.

In the framework of “out of court resolution” process, consumers - if they are not satisfied with the response or in the absence of response after 90 days - may also file their complaints to the following bodies:

Complaints department of AIG Headquarters in Luxembourg
Email :
Tel : +352 2700 72 01
Post : AIG Europe SA « Service Réclamations Niveau Direction », 35D, Avenue JF Kennedy, L-1855 Luxembourg - Grand Duché de Luxembourg
Website :

Commissariat aux Assurances
Email :
Tel : (+352) 22 69 11 - 1
Post : 11 rue Robert Stumper, L-2557 Luxembourg,
Website :

Service national du médiateur de la consommation
Email :
Tel : (+352) 46 13 11
Post : Ancien Hôtel de la Monnaie, 6, rue du Palais de Justice, L-1841 Luxembourg
Website :

Médiateur en Assurances
Email :
Tel : (+352) 44 21 44 1
Post :Association des compagnies d'assurances et de réassurances du Grand-Duché de Luxembourg (ACA), 12, rue Erasme, L - 1468 Luxembourg
Website :

All requests to the CAA or to one of the Luxembourg mediator bodies must be filed in Luxembourgish, German, French or English.

For the sake of completeness, please alos note that, if the insurance contract has been concluded online, you may also use the European Commission’s platform for Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) using this link.