Trade Credit

Trade Credit

Provide credit to new customers without putting your business at risk.

AIG offers solutions that help businesses take control of their valuable accounts receivables book and trade with the certainty that failure by a large customer won’t mean disaster for them.

Product Details


Trade Credit helps provide the security a company needs to trade domestically and globally by insuring its accounts receivables. This policy could be suitable for all companies trading on credit terms.

Excess Of Loss

Excess of Loss cover for non-payment due to the insolvency or default of a buyer, or inability to transfer currency due to a political act. Non-Cancellable Buyer and Country limits available providing greater contract certainty.

Target market

Companies with a turnover in excess of 50 million euro selling on credit terms of up to 180 days.

Features & Benefits

  • Cancellable or Non-Cancellable credit limits can be considered depending on the policy structure.
  • Aligns the interests of both parties with an appropriate level of Aggregate First Loss.
  • Supports existing Credit Management procedures through the use of a discretionary limit, without the need to outsource all credit limit decisions.
  • Tailored solutions to address specific requirements
  • Lower policy administration
  • No separation of risk and commercial underwriting allowing direct access to the decision maker
  • The policy can be enhanced with Global Limits Manager, an online platform for credit limit management, which provides up to date receivables portfolio management and risk insight.

Other products and servicing offering:

  • Ability to provide captive solutions also for Trade Credit 
  • Pre-Export Commodity Finance – Supplier Default Insurance


Helping companies use their trade receivables efficiently. This Credit insurance supports structured and supply chain finance transactions based on trade receivables for multinational companies with significant receivables assets seeking efficient access to working capital.

Features & Benefits

  • Contract Certainty
  • Superior documentation links Excess of Loss cover directly to funding source and provides contract certainty.
  • Raise funds
  • Trade Finance from AIG helps companies use their trade receivables efficiently to raise funds from the capital markets through a wide range of leading domestic and international banks.
  • Transaction visibility via Global Limits Manager


A web-based credit management tool designed to set, manage and monitor customer credit limits and ease policy administration using live sales ledger data. This can be supplemented where necessary with status agency data providing a powerful insight into a policyholder's receivables risk portfolio.

Features & Benefits

  • Credit limit certainty
  • Simplified reporting
  • Consolidated data view
  • Quick identification of customer changes
  • Portfolio management on self-insured bad debt reserves for Captive programmes

Main Exclusions & Important Information  

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Important information

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