Marine Loss Control Services

The MLCE mission is to measure, identify and list customer requirements and provide efficient integrated solutions towards risk minimisation.

Global Marine offers comprehensive marine loss control engineering (MLCE) services tailored for specific clientele ranging from manufacturers, marine terminals, shipyards and logistics operators to large project-cargo (Infrastructure) operations and mega-yacht owners. Our global footprint provides an excellent fit for multinationals seeking tailored coverage and services that can be location specific or part of a worldwide master policy program.

At AIG we believe in going beyond traditional risk assessments by working in partnership with our clients and brokers to produce a bespoke added value service to meet our mutual needs on business and asset protection.


Loss Prevention and Control 

  • Analysis of potential exposures and presentation of recommendations to minimize them
  • Analysis of client loss frequency
  • Implementation of recommendations to reduce future losses

Marine Cargo

  • Inspection for vessel suitability
  • Packaging consultation
  • Handling, stowage and securing guidelines
  • Guidance on adherence to applicable regulations
  • Analysis and guidance on route assessments
  • Warehouse risk assessments
  • Cargo Security consultation
  • Implementation of industry best practices

Marine Liabilities 

  • Risk assessments
  • Tailor-made presentations with regards to prevention

Features & Benefits

Centres of Excellence

The Marine Loss Control Engineering Team consists of a global network of loss control managers. The team has wide ranging complimentary expertise as well as specialized skill and experience in areas such as cargo crime prevention, logistics, and packaging. To take advantage of the team’s complimentary skills and expertise as well as maintain a worldwide consistent approach and maximize our effectiveness in delivering the full range of loss control services to our clients on a local level, the team has developed “Centers of Excellence”.


AIG is a member of the Transported Asset Protection Association (TAPA.). TAPA is a unique forum that unites global manufacturers, logistics providers, freight carriers, law enforcement agencies, and other stakeholders with the common aim of reducing losses from international supply chains.

Main Exclusions & Important Information  

This site only contains an overview of the most important coverages and exclusions. Only the general and specific conditions (“Insurance Policy”) provide an accurate, binding, description of the covers and exclusions. It is necessary to fully analyse the Insurance Policy, as well as all other relevant documents with contractual and pre-contractual information before any decision to buy, underwrite, adhere to, accept, sign or conclude an insurance agreement.

Important information

Here you will find information about how to request a quote with detail of premium calculation, the general and specific conditions, and/or other relevant documents with contractual or pre-contractual information, the duration of the insurance policy, the applicable law and jurisdiction, how to file a complaint or reach the ombudsman, etc.