Environmental Risks

Don’t let a pollution incident threaten your whole business

Environmental exposures have been amplified by a tougher legal environment throughout the EU which introduced new concepts such as damage to biodiversity and more stringent clean-up requirements. 

To meet the needs of our clients, EnviroPro has been developed. EnviroPro is a wide policy that fits in the changing laws and regulations. Besides that, its tailor-made for our clients. This means that even though businesses’ operations may not have changed, their potential environmental liabilities have increased.



  • Biodiversity Damage
  • Defence and assessment costs
  • Mitigation costs to prevent the worsening of a pollution incident
  • Loss arising from Gradual, as well as, Sudden and Accidental pollution conditions
  • Clean-up Costs (on-site and off-site) including the repair/rebuilding costs to first party property damaged during clean-up
  • Third Party Bodily Injury and Third Party Property Damage resulting from a pollution condition

Optional Coverages

  • First party Business Interruption losses resulting from a pollution condition
  • Transportation related environmental liabilities
  • Contractor Operations-related risks, includes work completed by subcontractors

Who is it for?

  • Manufacturing and Industrial facilities
  • Bulk storage and warehouses facilities
  • Waste treatment and disposal facilities
  • Commercial sites, including hospitals, shopping centres, laboratories, hotels, and housing developments.
  • National or multinational companies

Features & Benefits


Pollution Incident Environmental Response (PIER) is included at no extra cost with all Environmental policies, providing insureds with a dedicated 24-hour helpline to use in the event of a claim. It connects them with dedicated, qualified experts to handle their claim. How to report a pollution incident to PIER Europe?

Call the PIER Europe hotline +44 (0)1273 400965 available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, provide your contact information and a brief description of the incident. 

Crisis Containment

Professional PR consultancy services included with all Environmental policies. Vital in helping protect a clients’ reputation in the event of a crisis that could have a negative financial impact.

Dedicated claims team

Our clients and brokers are supported by a dedicated Environmental claims team.

Experts in their field, they can handle all types of claims, from the smallest through to the most complex and major risks..


With tremendous multinational expertise in our Environmental team and decades of experience in providing fully compliant global Environmental programmes for clients through our worldwide network, multinational is an exceptional area

Main Exclusions & Important Information  

  • Intentional acts committed by others than employees
  • Fines and penalties
  • Nuclear risks
  • War
  • Terrorism
This site only contains an overview of the most important coverages and exclusions. Only the general and specific conditions (“Insurance Policy”) provide an accurate, binding, description of the covers and exclusions. It is necessary to fully analyse the Insurance Policy, as well as all other relevant documents with contractual and pre-contractual information before any decision to buy, underwrite, adhere to, accept, sign or conclude an insurance agreement.

Important information

Here you will find information about how to request a quote with detail of premium calculation, the general and specific conditions, and/or other relevant documents with contractual or pre-contractual information, the duration of the insurance policy, the applicable law and jurisdiction, how to file a complaint or reach the ombudsman, etc.