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Cyber incidents can take many different forms. For example, when data is stolen through a security leak or your entire network is crippled. With this insurance we will help you limit the consequences of the incident and remedy them. This will enable you to restore regular business operations as quickly as possible.

CyberEdge combines the collaboration with independent experts with extensive coverage. We help to protect you against the results of data breaches, hacking, viruses, employee sabotage, extortion, theft and loss of information.

This insurance is available for all types of firms, regardless of their turnover and activities. Every firm depending on a computer system is exposed to risks of interruption of this system and so of his activity. Every firm that stores, treats or transmits data can be subject to data theft or manipulation.

We work together with the best experts to resolve the incident as quickly as possible. And of course, you are insured by a policy offering extensive coverage.


Tackle the risk

Understand your risk

Our Smart Application Form tells you exactly how big your cyber risk is and the impact of a cyber incident. In addition, you will immediately receive a price indication that is tailored to your cyber situation.

Fist Response

In the event of a cyber incident, the first 48 hours are crucial in order to limit (reputation) damage. You can call the 24/7 hotline at any time to resolve the cyber incident. Even in case of suspicion.


We developed Quotepad especially for the SME segment, associations and foundations. This enables us to speed up and simplify the application process. In this way, your advisor can look up the coverages and premiums at a glance that apply to your business.

Well insured

We insure not only the loss of personal data, but also the business data of third parties, including intellectual property. Global coverage, including USA/Canada. Because nowadays, an incident is no longer limited to the place of business.

Protecting Reputations

Cyber incident response services include PR repair of company and individual reputations, assistance and information notification and monitoring costs.

An eye for specific risk

CyberEdge is designed to respond to a variety of cyber risk exposures not covered under conventional casualty insurances.

Claims Handling

Access to local claims specialists and panels of domestic and international legal advisors on the ground around the world with the local expertise to handle cyber claims on the ground around the world.

GDPR Proof

Our cyber insurance fits in seamlessly with the GDPR legislation and also covers other consequences than just data leaks. For example, the incorrect processing of personal data.


What's insured?

Event Management
When you are affected by a cyber incident, we pay all the necessary cost for legal, IT and PR services that are necessary to limit the damage and the damage to your reputation.

Network Interruption
With coverage for network interruption, you are insured if there are business losses because of downtime in your computer system.

CyberEdge conforms to the GDPR law and offers coverage when you are subjected to a legally imposed administrative fine for not adequately protecting your data.

Damage can also afflict third parties through a cyber incident in your business. CyberEdge covers the liability for these damages to third parties and for the costs of a legal defence that proceeds from a liability claim.

Digital Media
With CyberEdge you are also insured against the costs of legal defence and the possible compensation for damages that can arise from unauthorised sharing
of intellectual property in messages on websites, in newsletters, emails and social media.

Telephone hacking
If you have telephone costs that arise from unauthorised access to your telephone system, CyberEdge will reimburse the costs.

Cyber/privacy extortion
CyberEdge will assist you in the negotiations, securing and further resolution of the incident and if unavoidable, payment of the ransom.

Cyber crime
If anyone gets unauthorised access to your computer system and this causes you to lose money or goods, CyberEdge can offer coverage.



Theft through fraud

Bodily injury and material damages

Material cause of failure in IT systems

Damage to your reputation

Damage from of telecom or power supply outage


More information


For more information about CyberEdge, download here
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Cyber Claims Report

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Important information

This site only contains an overview of the most important coverages and exclusions. Only the general and specific  conditions (“Insurance Policy”) provide an accurate, binding, description of the covers and exclusions.

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