Group Travel and Events

Protects the organisers, volunteers, participants and/or the spectators of events

Companies, associations and individuals organise various events throughout the year. One does not immediately realise that this requires insurance to protect the organisers and attendees against accidents. AIG Travel & Events covers the consequences of accidents that may occur during these events at home or abroad, depending on the policy purchased. For example:

  • Team buildings, open door days, business lunches, receptions or seminars
  • Street parties, village festivals, carnival, fairs, exhibitions, concerts
  • Weddings, first communion, birthday parties, celebration of a promotion, the birth of a child




Basic coverage: Personal Accidents

  • Accidental death
  • Permanent or temporary disability
  • Medical expenses
  • Travel Premium (event in a neighbouring country)
  • Events Premium (event incountry)


  • Organiser’s civil liability (only in Belgium and Luxembourg)
  • Assistance, luggage
  • Temporary disability caused by an accident


Who is it for?

The insured parties may be the organisers and/or the volunteers as well as the participants and/or the spectators of events.


AIG Travel & Events covers events with duration of a few hours to several days. Upon request, AIG can build an open cover policy covering a succession of identical or different events throughout the year. For dance clubs, photography clubs, music clubs, art studios, yoga classes, charity fairs or sports clubs, for example, AIG can provide you with an annual policy, insuring all members of these clubs.

Main Exclusions & Important Information  

  • Intoxication
  • The liability of participants towards each other
  • Strikes announced before departure
  • Luggage lost after abandoning / forgetting it or by bad manipulation by the insured and/or beneficiary

This site only contains an overview of the most important coverages and exclusions. Only the general and specific conditions (“Insurance Policy”) provide an accurate, binding, description of the covers and exclusions. It is necessary to fully analyse the Insurance Policy, as well as all other relevant documents with contractual and pre-contractual information before any decision to buy, underwrite, adhere to, accept, sign or conclude an insurance agreement.

Important information

Here you will find information about how to request a quote with detail of premium calculation, the general and specific conditions, and/or other relevant documents with contractual or pre-contractual information, the duration of the insurance policy, the applicable law and jurisdiction, how to file a complaint or reach the ombudsman, etc.