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A company must always be operational. Even in the case of business loss, material damage, a natural disaster or terrorist attack. We offer worldwide insurance solutions and have in-depth knowledge of specific industries. Our experienced team of underwriters, risk engineers and claims handlers will assist you in using their expertise so that your company can move forward. Get to know them below.

Solutions For

Fire Insurance

Our most extensive protection insurance for your property, which covers financial losses arising due to an incident at the insured facilities.


Covers the sabotage, terrorism, mutiny, rebellion, insurrection and coup d’état risks faced by companies operating in countries with high risk of terrorism and political unrest.

Best Fit & Minimum Premium

Best Fit

Local and international customers who are consciously engaged in risk management and risk awareness in order to manage and limit risks.

Minimum Premium

The minimum premium is € 20.000,-

AIG Property Claims Promise

The AIG Property Claims Promise is the promise that our claims handling team will respond quickly to any damage that is covered in the policy and will advance up to 50% of the agreed loss within 7 days. This way, our customers receive the necessary money for repairs, clean up costs and extra costs.


Tailor-made solutions
Whether you operate in two or 195 countries, we offer a tailor-made insurance solution. With decades of experience and knowledge of local markets, laws and regulations, we can offer the right coverage for your risks.

Program insights
Always certainty and real-time insight into claims and the global program. In addition to our analyzes of key markets, risk trends and insights, we create a tailor-made program to manage risks worldwide.

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