Marine Inland Toolkit

Risks within Inland Marine are very unstable and may change from day to day. Inland Marine offers comprehensive coverage for risks for companies active in transport, construction and maritime industries. Examples of risks for which we offer solutions:

  • Truckers, warehouse employees and warehouses
  • Shipyards, ports and terminal operators
  • Excavations, street-, road- and mariette contractors
  • Electronic devices, special equipment and other possessions
  • Construction and installation risks

Best Fit & Minimum Premium

Best Fit 

Land- and work equipment

Minimum Premium

Minimum premium € 7.500,-

Claims Examples

On Friday 26 August 2016, a construction company suffered a loss on a brand new excavator. The loss was submitted by the customer on September 1 at 7:33 am. As you can imagine it was crucial to inspect the machine and to start the repairs.

The inspection was assigned to an approved appraiser on the same day at 8:15 am. The damaged machine was inspected the next day and repairs were started to limit the client's business interuption.

A client files a claim for damage to a trailer, which is caused by a fire that spreads  to five nearby insured units. The claim concerned the total destruction of two tractors and four trailers for a combined value of €500,000. After receiving the claim, the claim handler contacted the insured immediately and started a research carried out by a specialist and an appraiser.

The inspection of the equipment was completed within 72 hours of the loss. The specialist examined all units involved in the loss and watched the surveillance images. Research showed that the fire was caused by a fault in the refrigeration of the trailer. The manufacturer was immediately informed.