Marine Cargo Toolkit

Transport Insurance

Our Marine Cargo policies cover the transport of goods by sea, land or air. The cover is usually provided on the basis of All Risks for physical loss or damage during the entire journey from "warehouse to warehouse". Our policies can be extended with cover for the storage of goods, assembly, etc. Feel free to contact us to discuss our options.

Customers have access to our worldwide network of Marine Loss Control Engineers. They can help to identify the maritime risks of customers and provide solutions to limit the risk. The experienced professionals have an average of 25 years of experience in the industry and most of them have a license as Master Mariners with seagoing experience.

Best Fit & Minimum Premium

Best Fit 

Manufacturers, importers & exporters, chemicals, project cargo, consumer goods. Our clients are preferably medium to large in size and have a multinational character.

Minimum Premium

Minimum premium € 7.500,-
Minimum premium for an international program € 15.000,-

Product Information

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Marine Loss Control Engineering

At AIG, we believe that we go beyond traditional risk management by offering a tailor-made, value-added service in collaboration with our clients and brokers. This allows us to meet mutual needs in the field of ​​corporate and asset protection.

Our Marine Loss-Control Engineering services are adapted for specific clients. Hereby you can think of: manufacturers, ship terminals, ports and shipyards, logistics service providers, contractors and huge yacht owners. Our global presence enables us to offer a perfect solution for multinationals who are looking for a customized coverage and location-specific services.

Prevent damage

We help clients to avoid losses by analyzing and minimizing potential risks

Control damage

We help clients to avoid potential damages by analyzing historical loss frequency and taking action to address vulnerabilities

Effective communication

We improve our client's risk management by maintaining open communication between the clients and the Loss Control Engineer

Marine Loss Control Engineering

Our expert and experienced Loss Control Engineers assess the risk of clients and offer solutions to minimize risks and to deliver cargo safely. This reduces trade- and transport risks and it limits costly delays.

Claims Examples

Our client, a trading company that imports kitchen equipment, had shipped a cargo of silicone cooking equipment worth about € 1.3 million. We received a claim for damage to the goods that occurred during transport. Due to a chemical smell, the equipment became unusable for sale. The damage was covered by our 'stock-through put' policy. This policy provides cover for transport by sea, land and during storage. The cargo was stored in a warehouse of a local shipping agent.

AIG appointed a local expertise agency to investigate the cause of the damage. Through detailed investigation of the environment of transport and storage, the agency concluded that the smell was caused by another charge, which was placed next to the cooking equipment in the warehouse.

During a transport from Europe to Asia, a bulk carrier with about 55,000 tons of fertilizer discovered vapors out of two of the holds. The ship had to navigate to the nearest port where they flooded the holds with sea water to reduce the rising temperature. Afterwards, the ship navigated to its destination where all cargo was unloaded.

AIG insured the entire cargo on board for around €20 million and almost half of the cargo was affected by the fire and fire-fighting water.

A team of fire experts and a Marine Complex Adjuster from AIG accompanied the insured during the claim process. Forensic research showed that the cargo did not cause the fire. AIG visited the insured and arranged a deposit of €3 million.  Nine months after the loss, the insured was fully compensated for €6.8 million dollars. We also assisted the insured in reclaiming his uninsured damage in a subsequent recovery claim on the carrier.