General Liabilities Toolkit

A company may deal with all sorts of situations that can lead to damage. AIG is one of the leading insurers in the field of liability insurances. Wheteher you are  a production or trade company, that is operating at a national or international level, we offer a suited and tailor made solution. The combination of professionalism, knowledge, experience and a flexible and pragmatic approach enables us to distinguish us among our target markets. Thanks to our worldwide representation we are able to handle international programs and complex liability risks. 


Best Fit & Minimum Premium

Best Fit 

This insurance includes company and product liability. 
A non-fit is the: medical and pharmaceutical sector, care and welfare, amusement parks, outdoor- and event agencies and tour operators.

Minimum Premium

The minimum premium is €10.000,-

Possibilities & Expansions

Our possibilities

  • Primary or Excess coverage
  • Cover for export USA / Canada
  • International programs with the issuance of local policies (Multinational Solution)
  • Incidental professional liability
  • Assistance from a risk consultant

Coverage expansions

  • Recall costs
  • Expansion and installation costs
  • Non-material damage
  • Entrusted well

Multinational Solutions

Whether you operate in two or 195 countries, we offer a tailor-made insurance solution. With decades of experience and knowledge of local markets, laws and regulations, we can offer the right coverage for your risks. View our solutions in the Multinational Toolkit.

Claims Examples

There is an explosion and a following fire in a chemical factory. Some of the visitors are injured and all local residents from the surrounding houses and industrial buildings need to be evacuated. The explosion causes considerable damage to the glazing and the roofs of the surrounding buildings, the train traffic of the neighboring railway is shut down and smoke development (which proves to be toxic) causes heavy soot deposits. The extinguishing works of the fire fighters disseminates the released chemical liquids over a large area and into a neighboring waterway.

A producer of consumer electronics, brings a series of telephone chargers into the market that afterwards prove to be fire hazardous. The defect is discovered when a fire has occured in several households, with the necessary damage as a result.

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