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Companies are nowdays more and more confronted with environmental liabilities. Due to increasing public awareness and stricter environmental legislation, businesses are more often held liable for environmental damage. To meet the needs of our clients, EnviroPro has been developed. EnviroPro is a wide policy that fits in the changing laws and regulations. Besides that, its tailor-made for our clients.

Best Fit & Minimum Premium

Best Fit 

Manufacturers (except refineries): metal industry, chemical companies, food and beverages, ...

  • Retail and warehouse
  • Transport and logistics
  • Power and Utility
  • Waste management and disposal facilities
  • Construction projects and cover for contractors
  • Owners and developers

Minimum Premium

Maximum capacity of: € 50M, -
Size of account: we endorse large international companies to local SME's. The minimum premium is € 5.000, -


Pier Europe

Our PIER (Pollution Incident and Environmental Response) network supports our clients in resuming normal operations and minimizes the costs of remediation and possible liabilities. PIER Europe supports professional services and helps coordinate a comprehensive response - from major and catastrophic to minor pollution and environmental incidents.

Claims Handling

All environmental claims are handled by a dedicated unit local to the claim.  Environmental claims may present complex technical challenges and our claims unit is supported by trained professionals with specialized experience in environmental claims, with backgrounds in insurance, law, finance, and environmental engineering.  Our local claims team is supported by an internal consultant on the technical aspect of the claim and works along with the insured and his expert to find and apply the best remedial solution.

Claims Examples

After a fire in a metal producing company there is an investigation. Research in the degree of contamination shows that the water discharge (from the fire) and extinguishing agents has an effect on the water treatment plant of the insured's business. The surrounding environment is also contaminated.

AIG's environmental liability insurance (Enviropo) provides cover for remediation, physical- and material damage caused by contamination during and after a fire such as toxic smoke and pollution by contaminated fire extinguishing water.

During a compulsory soil investigation, is contamination of mineral oil detected as a result of a gradual leak in a underground fuel tank. Even though sudden and accidental leaks are immediately visible, a greater potential exposure can occur over a longer period of time.

AIG's environmental liability policy (Enviropro) covers gradual pollution, as well as sudden and accidental pollution.

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