AIG Online Broker Toolkit

Speed up the process in the benefit of all parties.

Working with the AIG Online platform has quite some advantages: create documents that you need and deliver a fast service to your customers, provide a lower minimum premium and change the policy data easily yourself.

Available On The Platform

Directors & Officers

Protection for claims brought against directors and officers for actual or alleged breach of duty, neglect, misstatements, errors or omissions.

Professional Indemnity

Insurance for a broad range of professional activities.

World Business Card

Travel insurance for self-employed workers and individuals who travel frequently for professional and/or private reasons.

Travel Insurance Protection

This travel insurance protects private persons for short term travel in Europe or worldwide.

International Health Plan

Travel insurance for people who will stay abroad for a few months but keep being affiliated to the social security system of the country of origin.

Foreigners Plan

Covers foreigners and their families who are temporarily resident in one or more countries of the Schengen Area, as well as the United Kingdom and Ireland.

Travel & Events

Offers protection for organisers, volunteers, participants and/or attendees of events organised in Belux or in a neighbouring country.

Personal Accidents Kids

Protect your children against accidents. Now and in the future.

Your Advantages


In less than 5 minutes you can create a quotation (in 3 languages) that, with the consent of the client, immediately can be converted into a policy. By pressing one button you can send all created documents your emailaddress.

Quotations & Policies

Easily create quotatations and policies in need of the client. Change documents by yourself so you no longer have to wait for attachments and can immediately notice the effect on the premium. 

Increased commission

For policies of Directors & Officers (D&O) and Professional Indemnity (PI).

Get Your Account

If your broking organization already has access to AIG Online, you can request your personal login by sending an e-mail to, mentioning the producer number on which your account should be created. If your broking organization does not yet have access to AIG Online, you will need to sign an agreement first. You can obtain a copy of this agreement by sending an email to Please note that access to AIG is limited to intermediaries who have an existing brokerage agreement with AIG


Frequently Asked Questions and the answers that can help you right away

Demonstration Video

View here a demonstration video of the benefits and how to use the AIG platform

Change name or address

A step by step guide on how to change a name or address on the platform

Cancellation policy

A step by step guide on how to cancel a policy on the platform

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