Expatriate Care Toolkit

As a result of globalization, companies send their employees abroad more often. According to this trend, businesses need a high-quality solution to cover their most valuable asset; their employees. Spending time abroad may involve risks. The Expatriate Care and Expatriate Modular Care insurances protect the expatriated employee and his/her family with flexible and wide-ranging policies with extensive coverage and numerous services.

Best Fit & Minimum Premium

Best Fit 

Expatriate Care is suitable for a range of organizations headquartered in the European Economic Area with expatriate employees across the globe. The age limit for enrolment is 67, and the insured can benefit until the insured person is 75. Dependents or dependent children under 18 or under 25 if in full-time education who live with the
insured in the host country, can also be covered.

Minimum Premium

There is no minimum premium for this product. 

Product Information

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