For Brokers

Broker toolkit for FRENCH and DUTCH

Collaboration works best when it is made easy for everyone. That's why we have designed online toolkits where you easily can find all the relevant information you need to know to work successfully with us. In that case, you will immediately see who to turn to for answers. This makes working together a lot easier. 

Marine Toolkit

A comprehensive insurance protection for goods in transit, across the world.

Property Toolkit

Our solutions in the event of fire, business interruption and loss of assets.

Financial Lines Toolkit

Management liability solutions help protect public, private, and non-profit companies from a wide range of board-level exposures.

Liabilities Toolkit

Solutions for environmental and corporate liability and product contamination.

Accident & Health Toolkit

Solutions for employers and individuals - from accident coverage to (business) travel insurances.

Multinational Toolkit

Conduct business with confidence and consistency, whether you operate in two countries or 200.

Document Library

Find here all relevant documents including brochures and questionnaires to serve our customers quickly.

Precontractual Information

All the information you need before concluding an insurance contract with a client.