This happens after a cyber incident

Nowadays many companies become victim of a DDoS or ransomware attack. Most of the time the following questions arise: what caused the cyber incident and, more importantly, how do you solve it?

This causes a cyber incident

A cyber incident is any attempt to damage, disrupt or illegally access a computer network or system. Apart from this, there can also be a loss of confidential information. These are the three circumstances that may cause a cyber incident.

System Failure

When an employee makes a mistake in the computer system or the system inadvertently shuts down, this can be a trigger for a cyber incident.

Security Failure

We speak of a security error when someone has gained unauthorized access to a company's computer system or that of an IT outsourcer. This can possibly lead to data encryption which makes that the system is no longer accessible.

Loss of confidential data

Any disclosure or transfer of business -and personal information can be a trigger for a cyber incident. A stolen USB-stick including sensitive information from a company is a typical example.

How to resolve your cyber incident

To resolve a cyber incident, we work together with four partners who are available 24/7. For all IT-related services you can count on the expertise of KPMG. Depending on your situation, a Response Adviser from Norton Rose Fulbright or CMS Derks Star Busmann is ready to assist your company for legal matters. Additionally, a Crisis Advisor will support your company on all matter relating to Public Relations in order to prevent reputational damage.

In the summer of 2019 we will work together with local partners. More information upon this will follow shortly.

IT expert

The IT expert investigates how the cyber incident occurred and if it still happening. The expert examines whether the incident has led to loss of data or if any data has been compromised. The incident is trying to be kept under control and resolved. Finally the client will be provided with a report containing recommendations on how to prevent cyber incidents for the future.

Response Advisor

A Response Advisor coordinates legal matters surrounding the incident and arranges the next steps your company should take towards regulators and stakeholders. He/she also follows up on complaints caused by the cyber incident and advises on how to respond best in order to limit the damage.

Reputation management

A cyber incident can bring unpleasant consequences for the reputation of your company. A Crisis Advisor will assist you in limiting and/or preventing potential negative consequences such as reputation damage.

Want to know more about cyber risks?

As mentioned earlier, cyber incidents can occur within any organization. Are you interested in the AIG Cyber police or would you like more information about how your risks can be covered? Please contact your broker and ask about our Cyber conditions.