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March 2022

'Juniors can count on a strong career start with us'

Read here the interesting interview with Country Manager Pierre-Emmanuel Bogaerts and Human Resource Manager, Delphine Cotteaux, about their vision on AIG's culture, which values we pursue and what kind of profiles we welcome.

January 2022

Frequency and Severity of M&A claims remain high

Research into material contracts breaches provides lessons to avoid common pitfalls

November 2021

New technology improves food safety and reduces risk

In 2020, Europe raised 1,400 alarms regarding the food safety of products such as meat, milk and fruit. Since the impact on consumers can be significant, this makes food safety an important topic for insurers as well.

November 2021

What is the best protection for traveling employees?

A business trip abroad or an expat adventure ring very different bells for insurers today than they did a few years ago. 'Corona has obviously accelerated everything, but the attacks in Paris and Brussels have also made companies think about international mobility,' echoes insurer AIG.

October 2021

No risk evolves as fast as cyber risk

Data breaches, viruses, malware, hackers. The damage is increasing and companies are in constant chase. 'The mass attacks have been replaced by a very targeted business model.'

October 2021

The polluter pays, also with an environmental policy

Environmental liability insurance still has many blind spots for the insured. Who pays? What does one understand by environmental damage? Is it even necessary? Julien Deladriere and Stijn Thonnon of AIG address the issues.

October 2021

Expansion abroad is not without any risks

More and more companies are looking beyond their own borders. This brings opportunities, but also risks. Risks that had better be well covered. And that's not always an easy task in countries where the game rules can be quite different from those in Belgium.


Understanding the environmental risks of transportation

Transportation is a vital part of the industrial process but one where the environmental risks are often not adequately understood. As a result, there are some in the haulage industry who are operating with uninsured or underinsured exposures, leaving themselves – as well as the environment – open to significant damage if something goes wrong.


Environmental risks in infrastructure projects

As governments around the world look to steer their economies towards recovery from the worst recession in living memory, infrastructure investment is high on the agenda for many.

june 2021

Human Cyber Risk - the first line of defense

The term "human error" is too often used to imply that employees are to blame for cyber breaches. In reality, inadequate security cultures facilitate people-centred attacks.  


Cyber risk oversight

The ISA’s cyber-risk handbooks (also available for US, UK, Japan and Latin America) are an attempt to provide Board members with a simple and coherent framework to understand cyber risk, as well as a series of straight-forward questions for Boards to ask management to assure that their organisation is properly addressing its unique cyber-risk posture.

april 2021

AIG Belgium wins DECAVI 2020 Cyber Risk Award

This recognition reflects the hard work of our Financial Lines team in helping brokers and clients better understand and address cyber risk with comprehensive services, support, and coverage. AIG’s CyberEdge product offering plays an essential role in positioning AIG as a market leading insurer. Receiving this award is therefore a great recognition of this fact.

December 2019

Leveraging data and insights for Cyber-readiness

Cyber is one of the most volatile and unpredictable risk facing businesses today. As one of the world’s leading cyber insurers we have handled thousands of cyber claims. Our patented underwriting model leverages insights from this deep claims experience and from numerous data sets to model a client’ s cyber risk in economic terms. The resulting reports help businesses better understand and prepare for the cyber risks they face.

December 2019

People risks on the road less travelled

Business travel is on the increase. Between 2016 and early 2019, average travel spend among European organisations more than doubled. After China and the US, Germany, Japan and the UK are the top markets in terms of business travel spend. According to recent research, 30% of European corporate travellers fly once a month and over 60% fly at least once a year.


Cyber claims: GDPR and business email compromise drive greater frequencies

Business email compromise (BEC) has overtaken ransomware and data breach by hackers as the main driver of AIG EMEA cyber claims, according to the latest cyber claims statistics. Nearly a quarter of reported incidents in 2018 were due to business email compromise (BEC), up significantly from 11% in 2017.   Ransomware, data breach by hackers and data breach due to employee negligence were the other main breach types in 2018.

june 2019

Managing objections to purchase Cyber insurance

Although companies are aware of cyber risk generally, obstacles to purchase typically relate to uncertainty about the exposures actually faced by their business as well as a misunderstanding of the scope and cost of coverage available. Below are a few suggestions to manage such objections.

May 2019

This happens after a Cyber incident

Nowadays many companies become victim of a DDoS or ransomware attack. Most of the time the following questions arise: what caused the cyber incident and, more importantly, how do you solve it?

june 2019

Cyber claims: act quickly to minimize damage from a cyber attack

Today is Easter Monday and probably you will read this article later. Hopefully you have had a great Easter, but what if someone hacked your computer system during these days? Cyber ​​criminals do not take office hours into account and besides that, a cyber incident always comes unexpectedly. In this article we share two claims examples where, despite the circumstances, the insured could resume its work as quickly and efficiently as possible.