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Webinar Program 2021

In these times it is more important than ever to stay connected with each other. That's why we will continue our webinar program in order to provide you with the right knowledge and to inform you about the latest trends in the market.  In the coming months we are organizing the below webinars for you. This program will be updated regularly.

* FSMA points are awarded for a webinar that is followed from the beginning until the end and completing the knowlegde test. 

Navigating Multinational Risks’ Training Curriculum - 1 FSMA

Multinational Insurance Fundamentals

The first 'Foundational' part in our new series of free and accredited online multinational training courses, to help you successfully implement multinational programs around the world. This first module is self-guided and can be completed at your own pace online.

Please complete before 31 December 2021 in order to take part in the 'Advanced' in-person trainings. 

McPro - 1 FSMA

Unieke totaal oplossing voor aansprakelijkheid van managementvennootschappen

16 November
10.00 - 11.00 AM



McPro - 1 FSMA

Une solution unique et complète pour la responsabilité des sociétés de gestion

18 November
10.00 - 11.00 AM




Throughout 2019-2020, we organised several webinars focusing on different insurance products, topics and trends. Below you can find the recordings of each sesion. Whether you’re seasoned or just starting, these recorded sessions may support you in enhancing product knowledge, developing sales skills and ultimately advancing your career. Please note that FSMA points are only given for attending live webinars. You can request the recording password via:

Financial Lines

Why is Directors & Officers now more important than ever?
Companies today are increasingly facing new and complex challenges. Executives face a significant risk of being held liable in this new climate. Find out here why directors' liability insurance is now more relevant now than ever.
Dutch / French

CyberEdge & Quotepad
In this session you will learn everything about our Cyber insurance: CyberEdge. Also the quotepad which speeds up and simplifies the application process is discussed.
Dutch / French

Cyber IT First Response services
AIG works together with the best experts to resolve a Cyber incident as quickly as possible. IT engineer, Sebastian Hess, elaborates in this session on complementary (pre-loss) services.

Cyber Claims
In this session you will  learn about claims trends over the years, ransomware, business email compromise & cybertheft and covered costs in our policy.

Professional Indemnity
Different professional specialties, carry different types of risks. Our policies are designed around the real needs of particular classes of professionals – and from individual contractors to large firms. In this session you will learn more about our product, risk appetite and claims.
Dutch / French

Crisis Solutions
Learn more on the importance of AIG's coverage for businesses and individuals, which goes beyond Kidnap & Ransom. Crisis Consultant Jens Serup explains the global risk environment and highlights the process of immediate response during an incident.


Accident & Health

How Can Risk Managers and Human Resources Protect Expats in Today's World?
During this session, Frank Indestege, Head of Expat Medical AIG Europe, will discuss:

  • What the current global climate has meant and will mean in the future for  international mobility
  • The possible consequences for employers who send expats or business travelers abroad
  • The insurance solutions AIG offers - followed by a Q&A


Business Travel
Upgraded Group+ BTA product and renewed Expatriate Care insurance
Dutch / French

Launch Car Assistance
During this session, our experienced underwriters highlight the option Car Assistance in the World Business Card travel insurance.
Dutch / French

Travel Insurance Overview
Whether clients are planning a two-day holiday, a cruise, an adventure holiday or a one-month international holiday, our coverage is tailored to their needs and budget. 
Dutch / French



Learn more about the ins and outs about AIG's Environmental insurance: EnviroPro. This policy fits in the changing laws and regulations, plus is tailor-made for clients. Because even though businesses’ operations may not have changed, potential environmental liabilities could be increased.
Dutch / French

Motor Fleet Insurance protects businesses financially from compensation claims from third parties as a result of a motor accident and this insurance coverage is usually one of the most expensive insurance product for clients. Risk management approach allows to support your client on the retention of the risk and the optimization of the total cost of this one. During this webinar we will introduce you to AIG’s Motor Fleet, Risk Management approach, Prevention and expert Claims Handling.

Contaminated Product Insurance
The recall of food products poses a real threat to retailers and manufacturers. This can mean loss of sales, loss of customer confidence, product availability and the inability to meet delivery contracts. A professional approach of a recall is therefore necessary to minimize damage. Learn more about AIG's Product Contamination coverages in this webinar. 

Beyond Insurance

Europe's Economic Recovery
The European Union acted decisively in agreeing to invest as much as €750 billion to repair the immediate economic and social damage brought about by the coronavirus pandemic. The EU’s long-term budget, coupled with NextGenerationEU, the temporary instrument designed to boost the recovery, will be the largest stimulus package ever financed in Europe. The recovery and resilience plan aims to make post-COVID-19 Europe greener, more digital, and better fit for current and future challenge. It is a bold ambition, but questions remain about the implementation of the plans by member states and their likely impact. Will they deliver the growth and jobs that Europe needs?  How can the twin imperatives of boosting production and decarbonising the European economy be reconciled?  And what impact will the recovery plans have on inequality in Europe – within societies and between the member states?

Understanding Global Value Chains
As part of AIG’s  webinar series ‘Europe in a Dynamic World’, join Susan Lund, research leader and co-author of a recent report on global value chains by the McKinsey Global Institute and Joanna Konings, Trade Economist at ING, for a fireside chat with case studies around risk, resilience, and rebalancing in global value chains and the implications for European and global companies.  

What's Next For China And What Do You Need To Know?
In this fluid and unstable geopolitical situation, questions of trade, investment and technology are increasingly mixed in with questions of politics, security and values. For European companies, whether export-oriented SMEs or major multinationals, this growing confrontation demands careful navigation. Andrew Cainey will explain where China is heading economically and politically, assess the trajectory of US and EU policy towards China, and unpack what this all means for European businesses, in terms of both opportunity and risk.


AIG Online

Demonstration Video
Working with the AIG Online platform has quite some advantages: create documents that you need and deliver a fast service to your customers, provide a lower minimum premium and change the policy data easily yourself.
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