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About AIG

AIG is the marketing name for the worldwide insurance operations of American International Group, Inc. AIG is one of the world’s leading insurance organizations, a network of approximately
65 000 people in more than 100 countries and jurisdiction, with more than 90 million customers around the globe.

With one of the most extensive portfolios of products and services in the market, an expert underwriting and claims handling service and a sustainable financial position, AIG can serve its clients with confidence for almost all insurable risks.

AIG is organised in 3 regions: America, Asia and EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa). AIG Europe SA,  is headquartered in Luxembourg.

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AIG Belgium

The Belgian branch is located in Brussels and started its operations in 1948.

We are a leading industry insurer in Belgium and work mainly with specialised insurance brokers. We offer insurances for classic industry risks like property and liability, but also specialised solutions for niche risks like cyber, trade credit, directors liability, professional liability, corporate travel, environmental liabilities, transport, terrorism and contaminated products. Furthermore we help you with your risk management and prevention.

Our worldwide network enables us to handle international programs and complex risks, but we’re also an appropriate partner for mid sized and smaller companies. We can provide big part of the market with adequate insurance solutions. 


Below you can find an overview of our insurance solutions and services.


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