Travel Insurance Protection

Traveling is an increasingly important part of our lives. Both European and exotic destinations are very popular. A city trip to Rome or a last-minute holiday to Cuba is easily booked. In addition, cities such as London, Paris or Barcelona are nowadays easier accessible as Antwerp or Brussels. 

We used to travel abroad only once a year, but nowadays the average number of trips we make is considerably higher. 

AIG has taken these trends into account in the development of its short term travel product.  Travel Insurance Protection is highly flexible and can be tailored not only to suit your personal requirements but also according to the type of trip planned. The coverage of this insurance applies to almost all trips in Europe or the rest of the world (with the exception of countries at war and countries where sanctions apply).

Travel Insurance Protection


  • Personal accidents 
  • Medical expenses in case of accident or illness 
  • Luggage and travel inconveniences 
  • Third party liability 
  • Kidnapping or unlawful detention 
  • AIG Assist 
  • Optional: trip cancellation and interruption

Who is it for?

Business and private persons under the age of 70 who travel abroad for a short period.


Unless otherwise specified in the policy conditions, the policy is concluded for a limited duration and doesn't renew tacitly.

Main Exclusions & Important Information  

  • Intoxication
  • Sports, including training, practised for professional purposes within the framework of contractual remuneration • air sports with the exception of ballooning • alpinism • mountaineering • hiking beyond the passable and/or officially marked paths • big game hunting • ski jumping • alpine ski and/or snowboard and/or langlauf, all practised outside the passable and/or officially marked tracks • speleology • rafting • canyoning • bungee jumping • deep-sea diving • martial sports • competition with motorised vehicles with the exception of tourist rallies for which no time and/or speed standard is imposed whatsoever • participation and/or training and/or preparatory tests for speed contests.
  • Illness and/or injury as a result of an accident, that was not stable during a period of 90 calendar days prior to the date of departure of a journey or for which in that same period medical or paramedical care was set up or adjusted.
  • Dental care with the exception of broken teeth
  • All travelling against medical advice
  • Luggage lost after abandoning / forgetting it or by bad manipulation by the insured and/or beneficiary
  • Strikes announced before departure

This site only contains an overview of the most important coverages and exclusions. Only the general and specific conditions (“Insurance Policy”) provide an accurate, binding, description of the covers and exclusions. It is necessary to fully analyse the Insurance Policy, as well as all other relevant documents with contractual and pre-contractual information before any decision to buy, underwrite, adhere to, accept, sign or conclude an insurance agreement.

Important information

Here you will find information about how to request a quote with detail of premium calculation, the general and specific conditions, and/or other relevant documents with contractual or pre-contractual information, the duration of the insurance policy, the applicable law and jurisdiction, how to file a complaint or reach the ombudsman, etc.