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Excess of Loss

Mid Market: AIG Trade+ / Corporate Trade

Trade Finance


For a detailed overview, please consult the Winning AIG Trade Credit sheet


Dual Pen

Many Trade Credit insurers have split “risk” and “commercial” teams, requiring brokers to deal with two different people to structure policy terms and underwrite risks. Our underwriters hold high levels of dual authority enabling them to write both the policy terms and structure the risk decisions. This benefits clients and brokers in terms of responsiveness and makes it easy to do business with AIG.

Non-Cancellable Limits

The majority of the Trade Credit market is written on a cancellable basis, our offering is different. Non-cancellable limits give clients contract certainty - knowing they can trade throughout the life cycle of the policy with cover in place.

Global Reach

Our unified team of Trade Credit underwriters, spanning 25 offices around the world with licenses in 70 countries, offers customised local and global solutions for multinationals.

Excess of Loss

Non-cancellable credit limits and ability to tailor a variety of different policy structures to suit the business needs of the client.


Automated Trade+ product with non-cancellable credit limits.

Trade Finance

Experienced team creating solutions matching funder needs and CRR/Basel
compliance for capital relief. Includes scalable programmes, on and off balance sheet and securitisation structures.


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