Underwriting Best Fit

  • Manufacturing:
    - Paper, Pharmaceutical, Metal, Food & Beverage, Chemical
  • Construction , civil enigneering and demolition projects
  • Real Estate
  • Multinational organisations
  • Wastewater treatment
  • Renewable Energy
  • Transportation and logistic services

Preferred Clients

All client segments from small single-scale operations through to multinationals.



Mining operations


Experienced Team

A specialised, dedicated team with expertise in multinational, construction, real estate, energy and more. Our team has the added benefit of being able draw upon our international network of over 30 underwriters across more than 20 countries.

Dedicated claims team

Our clients and brokers are supported by a dedicated Environmental claims team.
Experts in their field, they can handle all types of claims, from the smallest through to the most complex and major risks.

Crisis Containment

Professional PR consultancy services included with all Environmental policies. Vital in helping protect a clients’ reputation in the event of a crisis that could have a negative financial impact.


Pollution Incident Environmental Response (PIER) is included at no extra cost
with all Environmental policies, providing insureds with a dedicated 24-hour helpline to use in the event of a claim. It connects them with dedicated, qualified experts to handle their claim.


With tremendous multinational expertise in our Environmental team and decades of experience in providing fully compliant global Environmental programmes for clients through our worldwide network, multinational is an exceptional area
of growth opportunity.


Your Contacts

Stijn Thonnon

+32 477 808 144


Julien Deladrière

+32 2 739 92 31