Underwriting Best Fit

Our core Cyber product for companies with a turnover up to € 50 mln, large multinationals and for companies with a turnover larger than € 50 mln.

Preferred Clients

Very broad underwriting appetite for cyber risks across profession, occupation, client segment and geographies


Cyber Expertise

  • One of the largest cyber insurance teams in Belgium and Luxembourg.
  • Deep experience underwriting cyber risks and handling cyber claims.
  • Enables us to deliver high quality advice and support to brokers.

Global Capabilities

  • We can issue cyber insurance policies in over 60 countries around the world.
  • Strong support for brokers’ multinational and international clients.
  • Successful track record tailoring cyber cover for their specialist requirements.

The Cyber Peril

  • A stand-out strength compared to many competitors.
  • An important trend as systems, processes and devices become inextricably linked.

First Response

  • Tried and tested “First Response” immediate IT, forensic and legal help after a breach.
  • 1-hour response to help mitigate clients’ losses as early as possible.
  • No policy retention for “First Response”.

Preventing Cyber Losses

  • A range of complimentary services where annual premiums of € 7.500
    or more.
  • Includes vulnerability scanning, malicious IP blocking, cyber prevention training.
  • Helps prevent a cyber loss from happening in the first place.

Smart Application Form

  • Smart cyber proposal form adapts to clients’ sector, size, and cyber exposures.
  • Generates immediate summary report of the client’s cyber maturity.
  • More detail post-bind including cyber risk scores, scenario likelihoods and priorities.

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