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Your Marine Liability Toolkit

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Each party in the supply chain contributes to the safe transport, handling and storage of goods. Various risks can occur in the logistic process, sometimes involving complex liability issues.

We offer tailor-made solutions to cover the liability of stevedores, shipyards, terminals and more. Anywhere in the world. Our solutions can also be combined with other AIG products.  


Best Fit & Minimum Premium

Best fit

Minimum turnover of € 5.000.000,-

Stand-alone en multiline solutions.

Minimum Premium

The minimum premium is € 15.000,-


Multinational solutions

Goods are transported by sea, land or international borders. This makes it increasingly important, but also more difficult, to keep track of these products. Due to the globalization there is an increase in trading with less developed countries, which results in a growing risk of theft or damage to goods in transit.
View our Multinational solutions in the Multinational Toolkit.

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Tailor-made solutions


Cover for liability in the event of damage to property of third parties and in case of bodily injury arising during loading and unloading of ships.


Cover for liability in the event of damage to property of third parties and for bodily injury arising in the care and storage of ships.

Terminal Operator

Combines the liability for the stevedore and shipyard with other coverages, depending on the activities of the client.


Cover for liability of freight forwarders with or without storage and additional services for third parties.


Coverage for liability of physical and paper carriers anywhere in the world.


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Your Marine Liability Toolkit