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At AIG we are striving to connect strengths: we think that with your extensive network and our strong product, we can offer a good solution for the need of our clients. After all, as a broker you want to quickly advice your clients and provide professional product advice. With AIG Online we developed an online platform where you can quickly and easily create new quotations and policies for different products.

With this user-friendly tool, we want to speed up the process in the benefit of all parties. In a few clicks you can easily obtain a quotation that meets the need of your clients. Also Changes can easily be implemented via the platform. Hereby you can think of: changing limits, changing address details, adding / removing policyholders, creating insurance certificates, etc.

Products on the platform

World Business Card (WBC)
Annually renewed policy for private and professional use (3 formulas and option family possible)

Travel Insurance Protection (TIP)
For travel insurance of less than one month

Foreigners Plan (FP)
For foreigners who temporarily (up to 6 months) stay in one or several Schengen countries, including the United Kingdom and Ireland

Travel & Events (TE)
For events (Option: BA Organizer)

International Health Plan (IHP)
For a stay abroad with a maximum duration of one year

IPA Kids
An accident insurance protection for children

Limits (the offered limits depend on the turnover figures)


Limits (the offered limits depend on the turnover figures)


Option for BA: always includes BA Exploitation, BA After Delivery and Legal Assistance


AIG Online in figures

266 brokers

are using the platform today

6447 active policies

are closed via the platform

Since 2014, the amount of brokers using the platform is rising and we continue to offer more and more products. It is important that brokers can rely on our platform. In this way, we can offer together a fast service to our clients.


Your advantages


In less than 5 minutes you can create a quotation that, with the consent of the client, immediately can be converted into a policy. By pressing one button you can send all created documents your e-mail address.

Multiple languages

All documents on the platform (offers / policies) can be consulted in Dutch, French and English.

Change quotations

Make quick and easy changes: copy quotations to offer alternative proposals to your client, correct data, etc. In short, provide a service to your client.

Change policies

Change policies by yourself so you no longer have to wait for attachments and can see immediately the effect on the premium.

Increased commission

For policies of Directors & Officers (D&O) and Professional Indemnity (PI).

AIG Online Library

Find here relevant documents to advise your client on AIG Online products such as: general conditions, brochures and claims forms.

AIG Online Contacts


AIG Online

Kira Willems

Portfolio Advisor
AIG Online Team   


Access to the platform

If your office already has access to AIG Online, you can request your personal login by sending an e-mail to mentioning the producer number on which your account should be created.

If you do not yet have access through your office, you can gain access via a completed convention.



Please fill in the below convention and return the document by e-mail if your office does not have access to AIG Online yet. Via this document we can put your account in order in a no-time, so you can immediately make use of our platform.



AIG Online


For access to the platform if your office does not have access yet


AIG Online

Convention (Luxembourg)

For access to the platform if you are located in Luxembourg and your office does not have access yet


Tel: 02/739.96.40