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Your Travel Insurance Protection Toolkit

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Holidays are becoming more and more important in our lives. Both European and exotic destinations are popular. Citytrips and last-minute trips are very popular and nowadays London, Paris or Barcelona are easily accessible as Antwerp or Brussels.

AIG has taken these trends into account in the development of its short term travel product. Travel Insurance Protection is highly flexible and can be tailored not only to suit your personal requirements but also according to the type of trip planned.



travel insurance protection


Find here the conditions for Belgium and Luxembourg


Best Fit

Business and private persons under the age of 70 who travel
abroad for a short period.

The protection of this insurance applies to almost all trips in Europe
or the rest of the world (with the exception of countries at war and
countries where sanctions apply).


Travel Insurance Protection with AIG Online

Working with the AIG Online platform has quite some advantages: create documents that you need and deliver a fast service to your customers, provide a lower minimum premium and change the policy data easily yourself.

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Product Information

Travel Insurance Protection


Find here all relevant information about Travel Insurance Protection


Travel Insurance Protection


Download the Insurance Product Information Document (IPID)



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Claims Instruction

Instructions in case of a claim for travel insurances

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Claims Form

Find here the claims form for travel insurances


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Underwriters & Claims Handlers

Our experienced team of underwriters and claims handlers is always ready to help you.

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Your Travel Insurance Protection Toolkit