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The Data Sharing Economy: Quantifying Tradeoffs that Power New Business Models

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The Internet of Things (IoT) promises to transform all areas of our lives, paving the way to new efficiency, convenience, safety, and ways to manage and insure risk. At first glance, the IoT’s potential seems limitless, borderless. The sensors, storage, analytics, and other connected technology central to its operation are only getting cheaper, faster, and smarter. But this new economy relies on something less predictable than the forward march of technology: the willingness of businesses and individuals to share data so that connected devices can generate insight, action, and value. This new economy is ultimately powered by the ability to gather, analyze, and improve our lives from the safe sharing of data.

This report presents the results of the first global survey of employee and employer attitudes toward data sharing and offers three key takeaways for participants in this new economy.

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