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M&A Insurance – The new normal?

Claims Intelligence Series


mergers and aquisitions

M&A insurance claims are set to be a constant feature in M&A deals going forward, according to AIG’s latest study of its Warranty & Indemnity claims. Now in its third year, the claims insights in this report are becoming even more meaningful as AIG's book of business continues to grow. And for the first time, this year we take a look at breach types by industry – with some surprising results.


“Our aspiration,” says Mary Duffy, global head of M&A insurance at AIG, “is that over time – as we build and refine this claims data – it can be used to help clients and their counsel to negotiate better deals. By better understanding where deals get tripped up, they may be able to refine the way they carry out their due diligence.”

M&A Insurance – The new normal?, AIG’s 2018 global representations and warranties claims study, provides interesting insights to buyers, sellers, and M&A advisors. Based on the review of AIG claims data between 2011 and 2016, the report explores the following:

  • What further trends are we seeing in the development of representations and warranties insurance?
  • How can the data help clients perform better due diligence?
  • Do different industries experience different breaches? And are they what we would expect?