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70 years anniversary AIG Belgium


logo 70 years anniversary

May 8th, AIG Belgium kicked off the 70 years anniversary year with a birthday celebration for all 175 employees. The General Manager, Jeroen Zohlandt congratulated all employees and looked back to the founding year of 1948.

The past 70 years we have seen our people -and our company develop and grow. I am proud that we can build on so many sustainable relationships with our employees, our valued partners and clients. Driven by our passion to create a safer world, day by day, we will bring on the next 70!”

Our AIG Belgium brand seems to be in good celebration company: the first Porsche and Citroen CV were manufactured, women in Belgium won their right to vote and we adopted the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Dressed in AIG-blue, we accepted another AIG challenge: take an ‘air-photo’ of all Brussels employees. We luckily succeed in this challenge, but this didn’t go smoothly as expected. More about that soon!