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70 years AIG through the eyes of... (Part II)


70 years AIG through the eyes of...(Part II)

In Part II of '70 years AIG Belgium through the eyes of ...'  we share the experiences of one of our clients Sunil Thakar and our longest serving employee Viviane Boulez.  

"There is no doubt our contacts at AIG are of high calibre and will continue to fulfil the changes to our requirements.”

Sunil Thakar

Sunil Thakar
Director Global Insurance at Ahold Delhaize

“My experience with AIG started all the way back in 2002 with my days at DHL. I managed captive programmes in 105 countries and thus AIG was a perfect partner for almost all of them. Using AIG as a strategic partner has continued with various companies and even more so today. The only challenge I have faced since 2002 has been during the financial crises. Convincing colleagues for my recommendation to use AIG/Chartis created some challenges. It is always satisfying to see a strategic partner to pull through and be even stronger. I believe the future will certainly entail more technology as a tool. These tools will not only manage insurance and risk financing optimally, but I believe technology will also go a long way to assist with risk management. I would anticipate that AIG will continue to be our strategic partner.  There is no doubt our contacts at AIG are of high calibre and will continue to fulfil the changes to our requirements.”




Viviane Boulez
Account Coordinator Mast at AIG

“I have started 41 years ago at AIG, at that moment I even didn’t know what an insurance policy was for a discharge. At that time, we didn’t have computers and thus no email communication. The only thing we had was a typing machine and a telex. The younger generation probably now don’t even know what a telex is! This is a kind of typing machine with a ruban that changed the text into small points. We’ve also used the shorthand. This is an abbreviated symbolic writing method that increases speed and brevity of writing. The problem, of course, was to be able to re-read them afterwards. In that period, women worked in dresses and the men were obliged to wear a tie. There were no jeans allowed. In my personal career at AIG I have had many managers and many different company names: AIU, New Hampshire, Unat, Chartis and at the end AIG. I am happy to have started at AIG in 1977 and to learn a lot after so many years. During my time at AIG I’ve transformed from a young girl into a blessed grandmother.”



Over the past 70 years we have built some strong relationships with our clients. This successful partnership could not have been established without the commitment of our people. This is why we decided to let our employees and clients share their experiences.

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