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Good reasons to consider AIG’s Individual Accident Policy for Children

Children are vulnerable

Children can be victims of a serious accident. An inattentive moment, a car driving at excessive speed, a poorly assessed risk, a serious fall, an electric saw whose plug has not been removed from the wall socket or little dangerous games, etc. Your child, sparkling with health and vitality, can acquire a disability which will affect the rest of its life. We can’t stop our children from playing, but we can guarantee the best care and the best life circumstances in the event of an accident.

Incapacity leading to temporary absence from school

Treatment and rehabilitation often take up a great deal of time. So that the child does not suffer any loss in education, in addition to any physical incapacity, AIG will assign a fixed sum per day for catch-up courses. Whatever the seriousness of the disability and the type of course, your child has the right to compensation from the fifteenth day of absence from school, for medical reasons, for a maximum of 1 year.

Plastic surgery expenses

Plastic surgery expenses for the repair of scars caused by an accident covered by the insurance will be reimbursed up to an amount of € 6 200, subject to prior medical approval. Since the physique of a child changes throughout the course of its development, restorative surgical intervention can be postponed on medical recommendation. It must then take place, at the latest, before the insured reaches his/her 24th year to receive compensation under the insurance.

Who is it for?

The insurance is valid for children and young people from ages 1 month to 23 years inclusive. The premium decreases according to the number of children/young persons per family and as from the 4th child, the premium remains unchanged.

What is covered?

  • Accidental death
  • Permanent disability
  • Daily compensation for private remedial courses
  • Medical expenses
  • Cosmetic surgery after accident

Main Exclusions

  • Accidents resulting from an infirmity or any bad health condition of the Insured that existed at the time of the insurance’s came into force, or at the time of the increase of the contractual cover, such that the Insurer would not have concluded the contract in the same conditions if it had been aware thereof.
  • Intoxication
  • Sports engaged in as a professional and/or in exchange for payment
  • Bungee jumping, skydiving and similar activities
  • Children older than 18 who are not economically depend of the parents anymore

This site only contains an overview of the most important coverages and exclusions. Only the general and specific  conditions (“Insurance Policy”) provide an accurate, binding, description of the covers and exclusions.

It is necessary to fully analyse the Insurance Policy, as well as all other relevant documents with contractual and pre-contractual information before any decision to buy, underwrite, adhere to, accept, sign or conclude an insurance agreement.

Duration of the Policy

Unless otherwise specified in the policy conditions, the duration of the insurance policy is in principle one year and renews tacitly, with the possibility to cancel in accordance with the applicable laws.


Important Information

Here you will find information about how to request a quote with detail of premium calculation, the general and specific conditions, and/or other relevant documents with contractual or pre-contractual information, the duration of the insurance policy, the applicable law and jurisdiction, how to file a complaint or reach the ombudsman, etc.