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In an intensely competitive global economy, more and more organisations are expanding into new territories and sending employees to work abroad. With AIG’s Group+ Business Travel Accident (BTA) insurance, employees are supported every step of the way, allowing them to focus on the job at hand.

Five tips to help you stay healthy while traveling

There’s always the possibility of getting sick while you travel. Even if you rarely become ill, you may want to consider these tips for an extra layer of protection on your next trip.

Travel safety tips for your next travel

Be situationally aware. Know what is happening around you, know what is and isn’t normal and if you do not feel comfortable in the area – get away.

Beat jet lag in a few simple steps

Sometimes travel leaves you exhausted due to different time zones. While there’s no cure to prevent jet lag, there are a few things you can do to keep it from ruining your trip.

Tips to fight flight anxiety

We’ve all been told that flying is safer than traveling by car to a destination, but that fact doesn’t always calm the pre-flight jitters of even the most experienced business travelers.

How to avoid credit card theft

Anyone can fall victim to identity fraud given the numerous methods of stealing personal financial information. We wrote an article about how to avoid becoming a victim of credit card theft.

How to respond to a terror event

If your employees or facilities are impacted by a terror event, a corporate response should include three key pillars: Monitor, Communicate and Act. Communicating to employees is vital.

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AIG Travel Assistance

AIG Travel Assistance has everything you need for a well prepared trip. Our website and app give you all the tools to travel safely.

Every step of the way

Organisations can rest assured that their employees are supported every step of the way, allowing them to focus on the job at hand.


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